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Yemen after Saleh: the revolution will continue

Abdo Ayesh - Sanaa
Analysts Yemeni that a new phase began in Yemen after the signature of President Ali Abdullah Saleh on the initiative, Gulf, and the most important goals of the revolution completed the departure of the benefit from the political scene, while stating that youth revolution, anger gave the president and his aides guarantees from prosecution, and stressed that the revolution will continue and hunt down the killers , and will spend in building a civil state, they said.
Yemeni street and saw a large and broad optimism in the wake of the president's signature initiative for the Gulf in November 23 in Riyadh this.
The activist said square change in Sana'a and Waleed Al-Amari for the island, "The revolution has to overthrow Saleh, and building a civil state of democracy, will not allow youth revolution remain corrupt in power or their participation in the new government, or the survival of those who participated planning and execution in the murder of youth revolution."
The Amari that the youth of the revolution would go sit in the courtyard of change, indeed, revolutionary and continues to drop and immunity guarantees granted by the Initiative for the Gulf and his aides and said, "I will not give up the blood of the martyrs and immunity to murderers, and will pursue them locally and internationally."
And on the position of Vice President Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi - who will take things the country in the next three months, and end with the holding new presidential elections - considered the Yemeni activist as "a partner to the Saleh regime to commit massacres against the demonstrators," and said that he had to determine its position on the crimes of murder against the man of the Revolution, and declare his readiness to judicial accountability and to make the killers to justice.
For his part, said political analyst Hussein Allswas of the island should be on young people in the arena of freedom and change, keep up with reality resulting from the signing of the initiative Gulf are to ensure the protection of their revolution and not subjected objectives of infanticide or absence, noting that this will only be achieved by starting in the order of the papers and unite and not allow the signing of the initiative and the resulting impact on the course of revolutionary action.
He pointed out that a large number of rebels do not believe in signing the initiative Gulf and the mechanism of the Executive its revolutionary victory, "Vanasr real for the rebels would be when achieved Gaetan, the first in the success of the restructuring of the military and security in the liberation army and the security of the grip forces Altorithih dominant and the second in the final out for his children and of power.
Since the agreement the transfer of power would go ahead - say Allswas - the "stream of hawks in Congress loyal to the children of the benefit will spare no effort in an attempt to disrupt the agreement and put obstacles in the way of its implementation, including that the devil always lies in the details will find hawks excuses many to disrupt the implementation process, such as form a coalition government and restructuring the military and the security preparation for the presidential elections, in order to obstruct any real progress in the implementation of the agreement. "
Remnants of the regimeThe head of the Center for Future Studies, Dr. Fares Saqqaf sees that the initiative Gulf taken out in favor of the predicament the sanctions that were Sttoulh of the UN Security Council, as directed by the Authority and made the most important objectives of the youth revolution of peaceful, the departure of the benefit, noting that the youth revolution continue to revolutionary action to accomplish the projection system remains valid and his children and relatives.
Said Saqqaf in an interview with the island that "a valid system has multiple endings, it ended legitimacy of committing a massacre dignity, March 18 / March, and appeared before the world system that kills people, and internally split his senior military commanders, ministers, MPs, officials and leaders of his ruling party."
He pointed out that the end of the second system was the breakthrough for the security infrastructure of its own, pointing out that what is revealed is the bombing of the presidential house in Sanaa, June 3rd and last attempt to assassinate the President with all senior state officials.
He Saqqaf to end the third for the signature on the initiative Gulf under which the transferred his powers to his deputy, bringing out of power and a former president, according to the criteria of legal and constitutional and international, the Constitution of Yemen does not have a honorary president, and America expressed their eagerness to work and partnership with the new leadership in Yemen .
In Saqqaf belief that "the end, the last expected his staff will be shifting from the remains of the system and of his sons and his brothers and his associates from their positions in the army and security, and believes that the benefit will not keep out the legitimacy of his children and his brothers and relatives, and would weaken their position.
He pointed out that the military commission that will consider the military leaders of the people of Saleh and his relatives would have no choice but moved about from their sites, especially as the operational mechanism of the initiative provides for the assumed government ministers the new persons who have committed violations against human rights, and these of course charged with the killing of demonstrators peacefully, with no room for them only safe exit, so as not prosecuted.
He expected to get Saqqaf large splits in the Republican Guard, led by Saleh's son, as well as in the framework of governmental and civil institutions and within the rest of the ruling Congress party, said that all the pillars of his rule would be deported and Satlachon as if nothing had happened.

Source: Al Jazeera

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