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Do you go Yemeni President alone?

The Independent newspaper said that Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh was subjected to international pressure and signed the Gulf initiative after ten months of the challenge.
The newspaper reported that the fireworks spread in the atmosphere of the capital Sanaa, Yemeni also expressed cautious optimism that causes the signature to break the deadlock that has prevailed in Yemen in recent months.
The newspaper said that more than six months of anticipation brought the country to stop the spread of economic and confrontations between the army and armed groups hostile, putting the country on the brink of civil war.
The newspaper reported that activists critical of the Saudi role and the fear that politicians Saktefon the fruits of the next phase to end corruption in the station, but this did not accept the idea that spoken in favor of their goals have been achieved.
The newspaper quoted Hamza says Kamali is one of the activists and students in the Faculty of Medicine "is not the goal of our revolution to get rid of one man, but end the system as a whole," and pointed to the Kemalist and there are plans for demonstrations in the coming days.
The newspaper said that Saleh would not step down immediately, but will retain the title until the election of a new president, and give up all his powers to Vice President Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi, within thirty days, and will be holding presidential elections in the next three months.
Will receive the benefit and his family immunity from prosecution, a paragraph no wonder thousands of protesters who want him to justice for the responsibility of the security attacks that claimed the lives of hundreds.
The newspaper said that the benefit - since his return from Saudi Arabia two months ago where he was treated for injuries sustained in an assassination attempt escaped them - faced a collapsed economy and saw his forces are losing control over a number of provinces also faced sword of international sanctions.
The newspaper pointed out that the benefit was announced that an agreement to hand over power will open the door to a genuine partnership of power with the parties, as the Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon - who urged Saleh to sign in a telephone interview yesterday Tuesday - that the international organization will spare no effort in helping to re- stability to Yemen.

Source: Independent

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