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Ocampo: Arrest of Saif al-Islam a matter of time

Announced on Wednesday,  Attorney General of the International Criminal CourtLuis Moreno-Ocampo that the arrest of Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, son of Libyan leaderMuammar Gaddafi, late is not only "a matter of time," while the Army of Niger today killed 14 on Sunday in an armed clash between the army and heavily armed convoy of cars armsentered the territory of Niger from Libya.

The prosecutor said the Argentine, told reporters at the Peace Palace in The Hague, the question is no longer to know "Do you arrested, but when." "It is a matter of time .. Saif al-Islam, will appear before the judiciary, this fate."

The International Criminal Court issued a June 27 arrest warrants for Muammar Gaddafi, who was killed last month and the sword of Islam and the former head of Libyan intelligence Abdullah Sanusi on suspicion of having committed crimes against humanity during the suppression of the revolution in Libya.

Ocampo revealed that he had "connections" with Saif al-Islam through intermediariesabout a possible surrender, noting that he "wants to know what will happen to him ifsurrendered to the International Criminal Court."

He stressed that he did not know where Saif al-Islam and al-Sanusi, but follow theinformation to determine their whereabouts.

Dead and clash and weapons
In the context of a separate military sources said the dead in Niger clashes which took place near the town of Arlette remote south of the border with Algeria are 13 people from the convoy and soldiers from Niger, and added that the authorities of Niger have arrested13 others after the incident.

The army officer - who requested anonymity - that the convoy was apparently includesLibyans loyal to Gaddafi guide them Tuareg from Mali, noting that some members of the convoy managed to escape.

The government of Niger said Tuesday evening that the clash without specifying that the convoy came from Libya.

The government's statement that the Nigerian forces seized weapons, covering 36 riflesand 11 machine gun, three rockets and more than 11 thousand bullets.

Niger and received a number of pro-Gaddafi, including four senior army officers and his son Saadi She sheltered for humanitarian reasons. Niger had no comment about thespeculation that Saif al-Islam seeks to enter the territory. But she said that if he did soVstefi obligations towards the International Criminal Court

An official with the Tuareg, said in October / November that Saif al-Islam went to the borders of Niger in search of refuge, while security sources said that the Niger and financial Sanusi may be moved from Niger to Mali the end of last month.

Source: Agencies

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