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Dead and demonstrations are being held on Wall Street

Protests spread to include several U.S. states (French)

California police have launched a campaign of arrests, including dozens of peopleinvolved in the protest movement against the capitalist system, who tried to set up their tents in the Berkeley campus. On the other hand was one of the veterans shot himself in the camp of protestors from the city of Burlington, Vermont, and another person was killedin mysterious circumstances near the camp of the protesters in Oakland, California.

A source at the University of Berkeley police had been arrested 32 who refused to obeyorders to evacuate the place and disperse.

The television showed scenes from the Berkeley campus police dragging and beatingprotesters with batons, while a crowd of students shouting and shouting slogansdemanding to stop the use of violence against them.

The arrests come at a time when the authorities in several U.S. cities in the problems ofhow to deal with the protesters, the anti-Wall Street who took the main squares in cities a place to sit and tents since mid-September / September.

Killing two peopleIn the city of Burlington Vermont the oldest person of veterans killed himself with a bullet to the head in the camp of protestors involved in the movement, "occupied the Wall Street."The protesters in the camp that the dead man was the victim of the imbalance in the mental health services for veterans.
A statement issued by the protesters after the incident that killed one protester in this way than to insist on "stand by the most marginalized citizens."
The authorities in the city of Burlington has threatened to force the protesters to evacuate the camp illness that camping in the park closes at night, but more than twenty tent is still mounted in place.
In the same context, one person was killed outside the camp of protestors in the city of Oakland, California, but the organizers of the sit-in confirmed that the incident has nothing to do Bmazepehrthm. While the police chief said that preliminary investigations indicated that the killing was the result of a battle between a group of persons within or near the camp.
Investigators are trying to ascertain whether the persons participating in the battle on the link at the camp, but the information received that some of the protesters tried to intervene to end the fight.
This incident comes a day after a press conference held by politicians and businessmen in the city demanding the removal of the camp because of its negative effects on economic activity in the city and security problems that it caused.
Deadline and the insistenceIn the city of Portland, Oregon authorities gave protesters in two camps in the city center until Sunday, they left because of the deteriorating health conditions and security after more than six weeks of protests.
Said Mayor Sam Adams at a press conference that the crime rate has increased in the vicinity of the camps, at the same time pointing to health risks and to two serious because of excessive drug dealing within a camp. The mayor accused the organizers of the protests that they have lost control of the camps Nsaboha.
And threatens to evacuate the camps trying to force the outbreak of clashes between police and between 500 and 800 protesters refuse to leave, and continue to insist on Aatsamathm.

Source: Agencies

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