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Settlers attack Palestinian villagers in the West Bank last year
Download the report of the UN Israeli government responsible for spread of the phenomenon of settler violence, noting that in recent years has been the implementation of many of the attacks on Palestinians and their property at the hands of settlers living in "outposts".
These spots are the small settlements built without official permission, mostly built on Palestinian land is privately owned as a means to discourage Israeli forces from the dismantling of settlement outposts (so-called strategy of "collection of the price").
It has become almost a quarter of a million Palestinians living in eighty residential complex vulnerable to settler violence, including 67 thousand Jews face "a grave danger."
The report said that the weekly average of the settler-related incidents - which lead to casualties among the Palestinians, or property damage - rose by 40% this year compared to 2010, including more than 165% compared to 2009.
Settler violence and undermines physical security and living conditions of Palestinians, as explained Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs of the United Nations.
The settler violence towards Palestinians, physical assault, harassment and seizure of private property and destroyed, and hampered access to grazing areas and attacks on livestock and agricultural land, and others.
The report also pointed out that the UN last July signed a compound inhabited by the displacement of 127 Palestinians collectively because of frequent attacks by settlers.
The report warned of the danger of Palestinian families displaced by the violence of settlers, pointing out that the displacement of "physical and social effects, economic, emotional, serious and immediate and long-term impact on Palestinians."

Source: The Jerusalem Press

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