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British soldiers, vehicles moving shroud

Britain is still used Land Rover Snach despite vulnerability to roadside bombs in Afghanistan (French - Archive)
Continued and the British Ministry of Defence to send its troops in the Land Rover Snach light shielding admitted call it the "coffins mobile", and even after years of experiments conducted by the ministry even though they proved that these vehicles vulnerable to roadside bombs, as shown confidential documents seen by the newspaper The Independent on Sunday.
Revealed secret tests conducted on these vehicles in 2005 that even when the soldiers wearing body armor, the Land Rover vehicles Snach not only provide little protection from improvised explosive devices.
And killed about 37 of the British military as a result of attacks on these vehicles since 2001 - more than 20 of them since 2005 - the year in which the experiments carried out, and still the same vehicles in use in Afghanistan.
However, although the tests revealed the poor performance of these carriers, the Ministry of Defence withheld reports that tests on the grounds that "the disclosure of such information could prejudice the safety of the armed forces."
ConvictionCondemned the families of soldiers killed while riding in these vehicles military policy about this type of carriers, the ministry has introduced several improvements to the shielding of these vehicles since 2005, but still waiting to be replaced by alternative, more modern and better Tdrie.
And expressed Sue Smith - who was among those who condemned the Ministry of Defence last night that killed her son Philip in a bomb attack on a vehicle Snach Land Rover in Iraq in 2005 - as seen for loathing it.
Despite the risks defined by the Ministry of Defence since 2005 none of the carriers mentioned had not been replaced in Afghanistan, but did not provide Defense Department officials request the replacement of these vehicles but the best ones during the year 2010.
He says MP British Conservative Party and a former officer in the British army Patrick Mrser that the soldiers have been called this vehicle for several years to "shroud moving," adding that he and others warned of the risks of poor performance of this vehicle and that surprised that the British Army is still used in more regions dangerous.

Source: Independent

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