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Dozens of Chinese mine workers pin

Collapses in mines and a national dilemma in China (Reuters - Archive)

Reported the New China News Agency that more than forty workers trapped undergroundafter an incident this morning a coal mine located in the state of Chezon Yunnan, southwest China.

The incident comes only days after the accident happened on the fifth of this month in thelast coal mine in central China, killing eight people.

The local authorities announced the launch of a rescue operation in the mine "Sisahong" where the explosion occurred.

This incident coincided with the arrival of winter, when coal plants operate at full capacitythe Chinese. The President of the National Commission in charge of occupational safety, Liu Lin, "In such seasons, an increase in consumption and coal prices are increasingdramatically and profits of speculators, the officials of the mines to double caution" in order to ensure the safety of workers.
It is noteworthy that mining accidents kill thousands of people each year in China, where the death toll for example, last year 2433 people, according to official figures, an average of six people per day.

In the opinion of independent organizations that the real numbers of dead in China mine accidents is much greater because many of the incidents reported were silent to avoidclosure.

Source: French

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