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America opens its doors to the Chinese and Indians

China's Jing Jing Huang (12 years) holds a U.S. citizenship obtained by the (French - Archive)
The New York Times that the party proceeded U.S. House of Representatives yesterday passed a resolution the rare step of making the immigration law allows flexibility to the maximum for highly skilled migrants from China and India, so that they become permanent legal residents, and on American soil.
The newspaper reported that the project made by the Attorney-conservative Republican from Utah (Jason Hawicz) and Republican congressman from Texas, and President of the Senate Judiciary Committee Lamar Smith, and received the approval of 389 votes to 15.
The newspaper added that the main effect of the decision is to reduce the accumulation of files, for example, some of the owners of Indian scientific and technical skills who recently received a green card, wait seventy years to get their documents.
She added that the decision to raise the maximum number of green cards that are given on the basis of work and available annually for each country, and currently there are 140 thousand cards, awarded annually for immigrants based on their professional skills, and the share of each country are limited to 7% of these visas, according to the resolution and after a transition period of three years will beissuance of green cards based on the work order to come, without specifying the share of any country.
It also includes resolution also issue up to twice the number of green cards based on the principle of family links, and that of the Mexicans, Filipinos and two more dual face their personnel to the accumulation of their files, and thus raise the maximum to 226 thousand green card family to reach the ratio to 15% instead of 7% currently.
The newspaper pointed out that more of the benefit of the resolution are those with professional skills of Chinese and Indians, including the holders of master's and doctoral degrees in science and engineering, especially as the number of skilled Chinese and Indians working in the United States since the year temporary visas.
She emphasized that the technology companies raised their voices demanding the U.S. Congress to grant more green cards to foreign employees, arguing that the United States will lose the competition if they have to leave.
The newspaper added that there are other countries to be affected by opening the door to the Chinese and Indians, and of those the Philippines and South Korea.


Source: New York Times

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