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Oliver Stone: America is not democracy.

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U.S. sees Oliver Stone film that the U.S. does not live in a democracy, even in the current era of President Barack Obama, denounced the chaos on Wall Street and the American tendency to war and the indifference of his countrymen about the rest of the world.
He said - in a press conference in Algeria - that Americans are angry anti-Wall Street to convey their protests to the community money in New York to Washington, where their influence will be greater.
Expressed Stone - hosted "Film Festival binding" in the Algerian capital - shocked "that the worship of money into the U.S.," in addition to the consequences of the crisis.
He directed the film "Wall Street" (1987) and "Wall Street Money Never Silz" (2010) that the middle class is the greatest victim of the Ozmaalrahna, but that something can not budge the American system, he said.
He condemned the director, "thirty years of lies" with the Vietnam War that inspired his film "Platoon" (1986), pointing out that Americans have lived with the idea that "communism would dominate the world," but it collapsed in 1989, stressing that his life was "ruined" when he participated in the war .
He later discovered that "The reality, particularly the U.S. military-industrial power," stressing that "the system will destroy the world."
In response to a question about U.S. support for Israel, Stone said, "We can not talk about that in the United States, because the money, the media and pressure groups have a strong lead in the absence of truth."
And governing director of 65 years to crush its citizens, saying that "Americans do not really care about the problems abroad and not to sympathize with the problems of others."
According to the press in his country have changed since the end of the Vietnam War, "and they have changed and are now corrupt but I am optimistic and convinced that things may change again."
Wings sixtieth now a documentary film of ten hours, entitled "The Ontold Story Of The U S" (the date the United States is spoken), which is expected for release in May / May next, as well as the film "Savidgiz" which tells the links young people from California with the drug cartel in Tijuana Mexican city located at the border with California.

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