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Partial fire at a mosque in France

Incidents of burning and desecration of several mosques registered in France (French)

Local officials announced Monbljar in the region of eastern France that an unknown groupcalled "I Zahabbi Bill" (beautiful runaway) and burnt today in part one of the mosques in the region.

The group set fire to the rubbish bin is backed into the rear wall of the mosque, part of it without being burnt up to fire into the building, as reported by the officials of the mosqueand the police.

The charge of the mosque and that he had contacted a single Grave - after the discovery of fire - firefighters Vtmknua quickly extinguished.

He emphasized that the mosque officials with the municipality will decide whether the shopowner if the mosque is still valid for worship, at the same time criticizing the process thathe described as "cowardly and racist."

Grave said he found the paper that read "I Zahabbi Bill" near the shop, one of theprefabricated buildings used for worship in a place waiting for a new mosque.

Was found to sign the same message with racism early October / November of this yearnear a pickup truck owned by the mosque are also exposed to the deliberate burning.

Mentions that he started talking about the group "I Zahabbi Bill" for the first time early this year, when there were several acts of sabotage and attempts to burn in the workshops,without a clearly racist.

Source: French

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