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What's going on under the White House?

The Washington Post report on the excavations around and beneath the White House wondering about the end of them, dignitaries spoke on the work of maintenance and development of some parts of the infrastructure, but the paper suspect that the work is much more complicated in the most heavily guarded places on earth.

The newspaper said that officials arguing that it is simplifying maintenance is simple, but they do not determine the nature of these acts, which require the drilling of a place to accommodate all the crew may have with the government and some members of Congress, which is paid to the punch.
The paper asks, "Is it a bunker? Yes, looks as well."
The newspaper said that there is room immune to other already, which was renovated and expanded in 2007 465 square meters, and there is shelter nuclear located under the east wing, which has taken him Dick Cheney, when there were attacks of September 11 / September 2001, the newspaper said "No one knows why there is also under white, is it a tunnel to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or a secret passage to the Treasury? ".
The newspaper said that the White House 200 years old which is like tip of the iceberg, they must think about what it does not appear.
The newspaper pointed out that the depths and heights are not the most important in Washington, most of the city is not exposed, some parameters are known and visited by people in many cases, such as subway or walkways that connect buildings Congress. But most of the Smithsonian Sackler Gallery is under the earth, and the National Aquarium is under the building of the Ministry of Commerce. There are steam tunnels, fortifications and shelters belonging to the civil war under the existing parking.
The newspaper said that in 2001, he was arrested client counterintelligence at the FBI, Robert Hanssen, who was accused of spying for the Russians, and American officials said that he revealed many secrets, and was the most embarrassing alleged existence of a tunnel a secret under the Russian Embassy in the garden of Glover Park used by the security agency National and Federal Bureau of Investigation of electronic surveillance.
The newspaper pointed to what happened in 2002 when he complained about the neighbors of the Naval Observatory to the construction disturbed on a daily basis and wanted to know what is going on but the answer was a firm refusal to provide any explanation of its relationship to national security, and the terms stated has continued Observatory stick that it's about the work of the development and maintenance.
The paper said that the work in the White House began in 2009, when workers started to change some of the old electrical wiring and refrigeration and heating, alarm system, said an official spokesman. It quoted one official as saying that after the completion of the works will return appearance to what it was, as if nothing had happened.

Source: The Washington Post

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