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Problems facing the donor liver

German study found that people who donate parts of their livers could suffer from psychological and physical complications years after the operation.
The study, published in the journal "Ennals Of Sergeera that" about half the donors the 83 surveyed they had complaints ranging from pain and problems with digestion, depression, after three years or more on the process but all of them said they may donate again.
The average age of the donors in the study, 36, and the average time since surgery was six years, and complained about 31% of the donors of diarrhea or allergies from foods saturated fats in doubt 10% of reflux in the esophagus, and a small number of donors felt uneasy in the wound or of involvement.
And three people were wounded heart severe depression and I need two of them to care within the hospital, and intensified the patient's injury was suffered psoriasis which are already before surgery.
And donors, the 83 personnel pool study scored 39 they do not get any symptoms or problems long term, but three of the men, young healthy people have said that the companies life insurance declined life insurance as it is not available, only few data that indicate long-term effects of donation liver of the living.
A professor of surgery and Agriculture in University Hospital Essen in Germany Georgios Sotiropoulos said that there is a risk of complaints in the long run could be under control to a large extent by improving the follow-up surgery and surgical techniques and improve the overall follow-up of the donors in organ transplant centers.
In the process of liver transplantation from living donors a team of surgeons remove the lobe of the liver donor for cultivation in the body of the future and return the remaining part of the donor's liver to grow back a full-size in two months.
And liver transplant surgeons say they prefer not to risk a person is sound, but there is not enough members to meet the needs of patients who need liver transplants.
Were made about 4500 the process to donate parts of the liver from districts in the United States since the first surgery in 1989, according to a national database of agriculture operations, and conducted the first operation of this kind to a child if he needs a small lobe of the liver.

And organ transplants from living donors have some advantages for some reasons, including that the process can be done at the most opportune time for the future.

Source: Reuters

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