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Close to the pyramid of Cheops Masonic ceremony

Supreme Council of Antiquities announced the closure of the Egyptian pyramid of Cheops pretext maintenance (and agencies)
The deployment of Egyptian youth in Tahrir Square in central Cairo on Thursday evening, leaflets calling for citizens to address the ceremony was scheduled to set up in the ancient pyramids on Friday. And in the time when the Supreme Council of Antiquities Egyptian pyramid of Cheops close to the tourist movement.
According to the publication - distributed by youth belonging to a group calling itself the "descendants of Saladin" - that the ceremony "will be dedicated to the worship of Satan and will be organized by the Masonic world is trapped in God."
The statement warned that there will be many abuses by the Jews who will be attending the ceremony, which will be devil worship area of ​​the Pyramids.
According to the circular that "the concert will be the preparation of the jinn to serve the purposes of the Jews that do not teach one, and the jinn, if he would be a danger to all residents of the pyramids."
It was activists called for in the last few days to mobilize the largest number of Egyptians to abort the ceremony said that the company will be organized by a German tourist in front of the Great Pyramid (Pyramid of Cheops) on Friday.
Opponents and established a page on the social networking site titled "We are all against the celebration of Masonic pyramids," and declared that they will raise the Egyptian flag on the top of the pyramid, and called for Friday prayers and sit in front of him until the government announces in a formal statement cancellation of the ceremony.
The company specialized in organizing concerts and tour called "night ricin" had occurred in the earlier approval of the Supreme Council of Antiquities to organize the ceremony, Al-Ahram archaeological area.
According to press reports that the Supreme Council of Egyptian armed forces to open an investigation with the leaders of the effects on the ceremony, especially in light of the reports that come from the Jews who convert to strange ideas and see that the day of 11/11/2011 is a great day, and holds great value to the Masonic world.

Closure of the pyramid
On the other hand the Supreme Council of Antiquities Egyptian pyramid of Cheops closeto the tourist movement on Friday to conduct necessary maintenance work.

The Secretary-General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities Mustafa Amin said theclosure of the pyramid was "to conduct periodic maintenance, after-Ahram that the region received more than 65 thousand visitors during the Eid al-Adha."

The head of the Egyptian Antiquities in the Supreme Council of Antiquities Atef AbuDahab that resulted in the closure cancellation of all visits that were Sttoakp with that history.

He added that the Chamber of representatives of tourism companies reported the decision and gave him "with all welcome understood the reasons and the reasons for the adoption of this resolution, which is the preservation of the Great Pyramid construction ofthe greatest in history."

Source: Agencies

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