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Medical bed watching the patient's health

Intelligent bed eliminates the work of the monitoring team to the patient's room 

Osama Abbas - Prague

Nate created the company in the Czech city of Slaney near the capital, Prague bedmedical monitors the health status of the patient, and his case is transferred to a roomdoctor on duty in the hospital, which eliminates the work of the monitoring team of nursesin the patient room.

The doctor can see through your computer every detail, even in dangerous situations, such as stroke or heart attack.

Yan said Hrabowski - a specialist working for a company Lint - The work in thedevelopment and manufacture of this bed lasted four years.

He added that the manufacturer of the bed asked for a patent for being the first in the worldin terms of development and the results recorded, especially in improving the speed ofintervention of the doctor in time to save the lives of patients.

Bed defines the status of the patient's sleep

Features bedAnd features of the bed, Hrabowski says of the island had been manufacturing arms of the chips contain sensitive sensors monitor the patient's breathing and pulse and temperature, without touching the heart or chest so as not to impede the movement of the patient.
The information is transferred via a transmitter to a computer in your room, the doctor supervising the treatment.
It can also explain the data without confusing the general health situation and the sudden deterioration suffered by the patient, such as exposure to sudden stroke or heart attack, which provides the speed of the intervention on the patient the doctor directly.
He says Hrabowski, there are several types of this bed, for example, Elkneza 3 - is the critical situations - is the most important, and where most of the techniques that monitor the patient, as well as to adapt to the health situation comfortable for the spine, and can special device in the bed that defines the status of sleep for the patient and based on the corrected, and the transfer of information is also on them to the doctor.
And on the method of manufacture, Hrabowski said that the technology experts and specialists of modern manufactures medical instruments were taking four years to make this smart family that will provide great effort in hospitals, and also will improve the situation of treatment and lead to a rapid recovery.
The company recently obtained a certificate of assessment of the work and specifications of the bed of the Medical Institute for Research in the capital Prague, which will be annexed to this certificate with the certificate of the originator, so that all know the precise details of the present invention a new and unique of its kind.

Source: Al Jazeera

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