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The bombing of a new gas pipeline in Egypt

Gas pipeline Arish targeted eight times (Al Jazeera - Archive)

Unidentified masked dawn on Friday, natural gas line shrine area, about 60 km west of El Arish, North Sinai province.
The news agency said the Middle East, he said the bombing of the line between stations and field success did not result in losses of little or ignite due to being free of gas because of the ongoing reform process since the last blow and the experience of pumping gas in it.
The agency quoted witnesses as saying that a group of masked gunmen riding in my car, a white SUV they put packages down the line and then fled before the explosion.
It also quoted company sources (GASCO) as saying that the bombing of an improvised explosive device caused the line to cut the gas pipeline without any sound, indicating that the tube that targeted, fueling station, the main area of ​​the field west of El Arish.
The latter, in turn fueling stations and lines to export gas to Jordan and Israel, as it is feeding a power station steam-Arish and the heavy industries in central Sinai.
The agency noted that the security agencies were combing the area in cooperation with the tracker impact of the Bedouins of Sinai to trace the perpetrators.
It is noteworthy that this explosion is the eighth suffered by Egyptian natural gas pipelines that transport gas to Jordan and Israel since the outbreak of the revolution of January 25.
The last time attacked the pipeline on the tenth of November instant.
The linked Egypt with Israel, an agreement to export gas, a 20-year authorizes the Jewish state - as the other - to import Egyptian natural gas at a lower price than its real. This agreement has no popular support among Egyptians.

Source: UPI

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