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NATO strike kills six Afghan children

An earlier attack of NATO on the north of Afghanistan (Al Jazeera)

Condemned Afghan President Hamid Karzai, killing nine people - including six children - in a raid by NATO (NATO) on the Kandahar province, while NATO has denied the argument raised by the Taliban about how they will drop the helicopter in Kabul.
The Afghan president's office said in a statement that the NATO air strike in the Zahrzaa also resulted in the injury of two girls.
The governor of Kandahar province, said Niaz Mohammad NATO helicopters spotted five militants were planting bombs on the road, helicopter and killed two of them on the spot while two others fled to the village of Saasha.
Mohammad added that "the helicopters then bombed the location where they were hiding, killing six children were playing nearby."
In turn, stressed the NATO commander Gen. John Allen to protect Afghan civilians is central to the NATO mission in Afghanistan, referring to the start of the investigation into the incident to find out details of the incident.
In a separate incident, NATO announced that the helicopter has landed safely in the capital, Kabul, denying what the Taliban announced that they shot down the helicopter.
The Taliban issued a statement saying that its fighters shot down a helicopter belonging to NATO in Kabul, which killed 33 NATO soldiers.
The NATO spokesman said Christopher Dwight safety of all crew members, and stressed that "the preliminary report indicates that there was no enemy activity in the region.
The Taliban have killed at least seven of the private security agents in an ambush in western Farah state on Thursday.
The guards killed in an attack that targeted their patrol during the provision of logistical support for international forces.

Source: Agencies

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