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Diabetes negatively affects perceptions of human

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A new study revealed that of the most serious consequences of diabetes, memory loss, depression and other disorders in cognitive abilities in humans.
The study included 147 people, average age 65, 0.71 of them suffer from type 2 diabetesand take medication to control their health since at least five years.

The study prepared by U.S. researchers in a medical center in Boston, that the injury toolder people with the disease usually causes inflammation in the brain dragged himamong the most prominent symptoms of atrophy of brain tissue leading to the decline incognitive abilities.

The study also demonstrated that published in the journal Diabetes Care, the gray area in the brain - the area responsible for decision-making, language and verbal memory andcomplex tasks - are the most affected by this disease.

Were also subjected the participants in the study of magnetic resonance imaging to showchanges in blood flow, and found that people with diabetes have more brain tissueatrophy, especially in the gray area.
Source: UPI

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