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Muslims sue the Netherlands government

Dutch Muslims complain of giving up their government to protect them against violence and discrimination extremists

Nasreddin Digba - Netherlands


A number of Dutch Muslims filed a lawsuit against the Dutch government to the Commission on Human Rights at the United Nations, accusing it of abandoning the protection of citizens of foreign origin of the attacks of the extreme right party led by GeertWilders, MP famous Ptpartyh and hostility to Islam.


The former MP Mohammad weightlifter applicants a complaint against the government,that this case comes against the backdrop of acquittal of the Public Prosecutor and the Court in July last for a right-wing extremist Geert Wilders on charges of "incitement to hatred and discrimination and bring about the spread of racism."


According to the lawsuit that the owners of the Dutch proceedings are no longer allowed to appeal against Wilders.

AcquittalThe Dutch court acquitted in the month of July last right-wing MP Geert Wilders - known Bmaadath of Islam and abuse of its symbols - from the charge of incitement to hatred and causing division and the spread of racism against minorities and Muslims in particular after the proceedings lasted for more than a year and a half years.

The Wilders has directed and produced a film offensive to Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and the burning of the Koran which pages of the Koran.

And filed a complaint against the new name of the affected lawyer Tess Bracken, who had previously Rafie as affected by human rights organizations and foreign during the trial of Wilders in the Netherlands.

All waysThe lawyer Bracken after the trial Wilders and the Court acquitted him that he would seek to find new ways to sue outside the Netherlands after that are blocked avenues of appeal in the Netherlands, between the time that the process of preparing the file as affected by the Court of Human Rights at the United Nations, but did not specify at that time whoSahakmha.

In his interview with Al Jazeera Net weightlifter said that blockage of legal actions against Wilders and the lack of possibility for those affected by the appeal is what led us to go to the outside of the Netherlands Society Astnejad international laws clearly stipulates the right of those affected in the state's protection of political rights and civil rights.

Abandoned its roleAnd what I talked about the press, that the trial will be a weightlifter Wilders said "we do not prosecute Wilders, who has served the judiciary and the rule but judged that the state abandoned its role in protecting us."

The trial of Wilders has coincided with the procedures of the Dutch cabinet, which was the most prominent activist Geert Wilders, which explains some say that there is no desire of the politicians time to pursue Wilders prosecuted and accelerate the closure of the file.
Although Wilders is not a member of the ruling coalition now, the support for the coalitionto ensure the survival of the current government, meant isolation and condemnation and his party from the political arena and thus failure of the Government the right to continue.


As interpreted by some Wilders acquitted by the public prosecutor, which was supposedto be affected by the existence of a general trend to end the trial for political interests.


The special court recognized the need for trial in 2009 Wilders against the background ofthe charges against him were not Attorney General approval of the prosecution.


And criticism by some Muslims to re-raise the issue again after the close of the Dutch judiciary before, weightlifter, said "We will protect our rights as guaranteed by national and international legislation and will not let the racists that Akmmoa our mouths."
Though Wilders has reduced the Muslims with his criticism of its presence in theparliamentary coalition supporting the Government, it is not there any legal safeguardspreventing him from it.


The weightlifter, after hours of submission of the complaint and its relation to the threat ofe-mail messages and letters from racists Taatahjm him and ask him to leave theNetherlands if Ardah judicial ruling.


The right-wing leader Geert Wilders insists that abusive remarks meant Islam and not Muslims, and therefore do not criminalized under Dutch law, and it was part of the political debate.


According to reports of human rights organizations and civil in the Netherlands that theinstances of discrimination against Muslims and their institutions against violence have increased during and after the trial of Wilders.

Source: Al Jazeera

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