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Killed eight al Qaeda in southern Yemen

The effects of previous confrontations between the Yemeni army and al Qaeda militantsZanzibar (Jazeera- Archive)

Yemeni security sources said that eight people were killed and wounded scores of others were members of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula on the border of the city of Zanzibar,the capital of Abyan province, southern Yemen, following an attack by the military elements of the organization.

The source added that the army has bombed sites holed up members of the organizationextensively, as were present in a number of government buildings and schools, which they seized in May / May.

This comes after the killing of six members of the al-Qaeda, bringing the death toll from the organization in two days to 14, including an Iraqi, a Saudi, as well as dozens of injured.

And almost daily skirmishes between the army and al Qaeda militants since managedelements of the acquisition of three towns in Abyan province and the Declaration of IslamicEmirate of Zanzibar, in May / May.

This is because some observers control the expansion of al-Qaeda in the provinces ofAbyan, south Yemen clashes between protesters demanding the departure of Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh's forces.

Source: UPI

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