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Germany execute swine flu vaccines

Khaled Schmidt - Berlin

Magdburg began in eastern Germany on Tuesday the disposal of about 16 million vaccine against swine flu, the spectrum due to the expiration of these vaccines after the low turnout of citizens to acquire, by injection.
The Ministry of Social Affairs, local in the state "Saxony-Anhalt", which is Magdburg its capital, that the process of execution of vaccines against swine flu - who knew the media on behalf of the virus, "HP 1 to 1" - took place in the oven dedicated to the burning of garbage and waste temperatures high altitude.
The ministry said in a press statement that the ordinary flu vaccines are alone sufficient to prevent the swine flu virus.
According to data of the Ministry of Health in the state "Lower Saxony" that among the 34 million vaccine for the prevention of HIV, "HP 1 to 1" purchased by local governments in the German states in the six years after the emergence of swine flu the beginning of 2009, not be sold only 5 million vaccine for citizens was vaccinated since the onset of illness and until the beginning of 2010.
They noted that the ministry to get rid of these vaccines will cost the U.S. Treasury German loss of up to 329 million euros in addition to 14 thousand euros, representing the cost of transporting vaccines to places burned.
The swine flu first appeared as the beginning of 2009 is accounted for with great interest in April / April of the same year as the World Health Organization warned several times of danger.
But the organization was soon dropped after the repeated warnings and admitted that she exaggerated the exaggeration of the danger of the virus, "HP 1 to 1."
Last year saw the failure of attempts by a number of European countries such as Germany, the Netherlands and France in the sale of its stockpile of vaccines against swine flu, which caused panic in many places before it is to play down the seriousness.

Source: Al Jazeera

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