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Eating slowly to protect against obesity

A new study shows that eating lean more slowly than the owners of obesity, which indicates that the method of eating a role in determining thinner or fatter one.

The site said the U.S. health de News that the study by researchers at the University of Rhode Island, focused on the speed of eating quality, showed that the thin eat at a slower rate of overweight and obese, and that the amount of food they eat less, too.

And found that people who eat quickly ate about 88 grams of food per minute, and ate quickly eat a moderate 71 grams per minute, while dealing with people who eat slowly,56.5 grams per minute.

The researchers conducted a second study showed that men chew their food more quickly than women, Vinolun about 80 calories a minute while dealing with women of 56 thermal units per minute.

It was found that eating foods like white bread, pasta and potatoes is faster than eatinghealthy foods cooked whole beans useful for the body.

It is noteworthy that the results presented at a meeting of the Committee of obesity, which is held in Orlando, Florida.
Source: UPI

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