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Arafat's death still mystery after seven years

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Admitted Kidwa Chairman of the Board of Directors of the late Palestinian President Yasser Arafat - the seventh anniversary of his death - by shortening the institution to know the real causes of his death on November 11, 2004.
Kidwa said during a ceremony last night to commemorate the seventh anniversary of the death of Arafat, "We renew our conviction of Israel's responsibility for the poisoning of President Yasser Arafat, but we recognize failing to get a definitive answer."
"I did not get a definitive answer yet, which is the right of our people and our duty to get it, we promise to continue to work to get this answer."
Opponents of ArafatEarlier in the beginning of this year, said a former officer in the Palestinian intelligence Fahmi Shabana said that opponents of Arafat, the Palestinians were responsible for his death, and that he was poisoned, type the name of "polonium."
Shabana said that after several months of the same Palestinian authorities killed the commander of military intelligence in the Gaza Strip, General Musa Arafat - close to the late President - in order to prevent revenge.
He called Shabana - who participated in the commission of inquiry into the death of Arafat - Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to resume the work of this committee in order to ensure that the Palestinian public that Abbas does not hide anything.
CloseHe accused the secretary of the Central Committee of the Supreme Palestinian National Liberation Movement (Fatah) Farouk Kaddoumi Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas of complicity with the Israeli authorities for the assassination of the late Palestinian President Yasser Arafat.
For his part, former Minister for Pensioners Party and former official in the Mossad, Rafi Eitan, it can not deny the possibility that Mahmoud Abbas and Mohammed Dahlan, standing behind the liquidation of Arafat.
Deadly poisonRevealed Bassam Abu Sharif, special adviser to Arafat for the search result on the type of poison used in the assassination.
The Abu Sharif that the type of poison is "thallium", a name strange and a trader, and difficult to detect or discover the effect or premise.
He added that "This is a dangerous poison means no color and no smell or taste it, is extracted from the herb freely rare, and can be placed under observation in the water, eating, or injected through a needle in the artery and veins, or skin of man."
Abu Sharif said that this information is part of the greater detail will be announced when completed, adding that "the information that I own is not perfect but that's part of it, and I'm ready to put them at the disposal of the Commission to achieve a responsible and serious."
Last daysAnd the deteriorated state of health of President Arafat's rapidly deteriorating at the end of October / October 2004, and subsequently transferred to Jordan and then to the Percy hospital in France on October 29 / October of the same year.
The official announcement of his death by the Palestinian Authority in November 11, 2004.And was buried in a building in the provincial city of Ramallah after the funeral of his body was in the city of Cairo.
Percy hospital did not announce the cause of his death under the French medical confidentiality, and leave it for his family alone to detect it or not.
Conflicting viewsAnd often conflicting statements on the death of Arafat, as it is believed some of the Palestinians and the Arabs that his death was the result of the assassination of poisoning or by entering a substance unknown to his body. And speaks of his personal physician, Dr. Ashraf Al Kurdi on the possibility of poisoning.
French doctors and search for toxins in the body of Arafat after his death in Paris, the French medical report, according to the comprehensive medical examinations were negative, including the toxins enter the body.
It was likely some of the doctors who examined the medical checks, including the Tunisian doctors and hospital doctors Percy specialized blood diseases, that Arafat was ill disintegration of platelets.
Source: Al Jazeera + and agencies

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