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Settlers chasing prisoners editor

Or Tariq: occupation raided our house and assaulted our family after the release of Hany
Awad Rajoub - Hebron

Israeli settlers launched a campaign to hunt down Palestinian prisoners freed him prisoner exchange deal entered into by the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) with Israelunder the auspices of Egyptian mid-October / October.

The settlers continue a propaganda campaign aimed at collecting information on the prisoner Hani Jaber, editor of the city of Hebron southern West Bank, and arrested him and kill him in revenge for the killing of an Israeli settler 18 years ago.

The house with the prisoner Jaber, editor of the raid several times, and his family now feelseriously threatened the settlers, and it has the official support, especially after the callJaber and the interrogation and restriction of freedom and security measures imposed on his movements.

Prosecution of an early
Started the process of pursuing Jaber on the first day of release, it has been his home inthe old town of Hebron, where there are outposts, and inspection of the storm and vandalism by settlers.
The settlers spread propaganda posters on the walls with his picture and information about him, and voice messages over the Internet, threatening the prisoner's editor, and requests specific phone call and give information against him a $ 100 thousand dollars.
The mother said Tariq's mother captive editor that her home was raided six times by settlers also suffered family beaten three times by the military since his release, and all were carrying threats to prosecute her son and kill him, but says that the gift of liberty guarantees protection of the law.
She says she begged to God to undo a lot under her son and bring him back to it after having spent years in prison, the same age, where he was arrested at the age of 18 years and was released after the arrest of 18-year, reaffirming their confidence in God to protect him after his release.
Tariq explained that they had applied or during her stay in the old town of Hebron, dozens of complaints to the police against Israeli settlers and their attacks continued, but did not touch a serious discourse with any of them.
And the occupation authorities accused Hani killing an Israeli settler in Hebron in 1993, where he was arrested at the time and was only 18 years old, and sentenced to life in prison twice, without paying attention to the threats against her.
Says Hani background arrest that the occupation was arrested and punished him even though it killed the settler self-defense, explaining that he had been beaten to a murder by the settlers and the lifeblood drained from his head several times, without doing the police and the army two Israeli nothing to stop the attacks on him and other abused .

Hani Jaber, editor of the prisoner with a picture of a poster with information about the claim

Serious threatsHe adds that he feels seriously threatened the settlers, but it does not take any special measures to protect himself, "The homeland is under the control of the whole occupation, and can not live chased after long years of detention."
He said Israeli threats of settlers trying to extract the joy of ex-detainees and their families as a result of their inability to withstand shock, but he said that joy will continue and that their attempts are doomed to failure, quoting the verse "Say will not happen to us except what Allah has decreed for us."
The editor accused the prisoner of all its arms the occupation authorities responsible for the threat, adding that he was summoned by the intelligence was compelled to security measures were not part of the transaction, including determining the scope of his movement and transport and the need for proof of attendance at the headquarters of intelligence once every two months.
He added that the Israeli intelligence service called him a few days ago and informed him of the decision to prevent him from entering his home, forcing him to search for alternative accommodation, stressing his intention to knock on doors available, including the Israeli judiciary and human rights organizations to stop threats to the settlers.
He appealed Jaber Egyptian side, the supervisor of the exchange deal, to intervene to stop Israel's violations of the deal, including death threats and enforce security measures it other than what was agreed, calling them cautious in dealing with the occupation and the pressure on him to put an end to violations, and ensure commitment to its own terms, especially the second one.

Source: Al Jazeer

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