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Celebrate the birth of the 190 Dostoevsky

Statue of Dostoyevsky Moscow

Tayeb Zein - Moscow
Celebrates the cultural circles in Russia today the ninetieth anniversary of the birth of one hundred Russian writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky Mikhaúalovic (1821-1881) One of the greatest novelists in the world that his work was translated into many languages ​​and became a source of inspiration for contemporary thought and literature.
It is most appropriate interest the cultural circles in Russia, where he opened a few days ago in the Russian city of Veliky Novgorod, which is where the writer spent a large part of his life, the international theatrical festival, the fifth century, held each year on the anniversary of the birth by accident today and since the year 1992.
Under the slogan "Dostoevsky and World Culture" and started a two-day forum of scientific activities of city of St. Petersburg with a gathering of writers and thinkers from around the world.
The forum aims to discuss key issues related to perception of the contemporary world Dostoevsky, and the impact of spiritual and intellectual heritage, artists, intellectuals and political and religious figures of the nineteenth century to the twenty-century atheist.
On the sidelines of the appropriate living "museum of Dostoevsky's" St. Petersburg made an art exhibition in which more than nine hundred of the panel was first inspired by literary works.
Feature of epistolaryDostoevsky knew Ptugeh humanitarian and philosophical tendency that seemed clear in his works as reflected in his novels combine technical craftsmanship and intellectual dimension which gives the feature its Rsalia.
In the view of critics Adbion that Dostoevsky authors of the few who were able to delineate the psychological concept of emotion in the expression novelist as directed templates aesthetic and romantic sinking of the book of the nineteenth century and make them expressive and realistic for hidden of purely humanitarian in the form of social involve pain with pleasure and good with evil Even the title of the novel Babaqra psychological.
It is timeless his words, "like me doctors, psychologists, but this is not true, I am realistic in every sense of the word and the meaning of what was done to reverse the deeper facts of human life."
The author Daniel Granin that the difficulty of reading his novels is that it forces us to discover in ourselves ill for fear of where to find those passions that afflict Bibtalh, and made us feel guilty and the elimination of all attempts at evasion and justify evil and moral corruption.

A changeFor his part, writer and translator Abu Bakr Yusuf (A translators of the work of Dostoevsky into Arabic) that the writer was carrying a message to change the world through the philosophy of approaching philosophy of Tolstoy to choose the path of peaceful resistance and non-violence to change society, but it was not a philosopher as he was an artist a visionary window into the depths of the facts.
He pointed out that Dostoevsky predicted a troubled future for Russia when examine the issue of "terrorism" at the time.
Yousuf said in an interview with the island revealed that the writer tried through his works to provide a peaceful alternative model based on the love of human rights and changing knowledge and truth.
He pointed out that Dostoyevsky was a scientist tense adjournment, fanned by various types of thought and conflicts, fluctuating between the fire example of religious which did not materialize, in fact, the fire actually Decree around that time, was "Ivan," a Champions novel "The Brothers Karamazov," he says to his brother, "I do not reject God, but I I reject his world. "
Despite the passage of 130 years of his death, the ideas and principles are still represents the ideas of a generation alive.
And acquired its modern literary character sometimes seems like a prophetic isolation from temporal and spatial dimensions.
Many believe that the novels that expose other forms of violence and persecution can not die as long as the list of all repressive regimes ugliness and ugliness.
Among the most famous work, "Crime and Punishment", and "Brothers Karamazov" and "demons," and "Idiot."

Source: Al Jazeera

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