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Facebook protects privacy soon

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The Wall Street Journal, The Facebook social networking is close to a deal with the U.S. government on charges of misuse of data users.
The newspaper - citing officials familiar with the talks - that the agreement imposes on the site achieve the consent of users before a "retroactive material changes" to its own privacy policies. This means that Facebook must obtain approval for the exchange of data in a way different from those approved by the user before.
The newspaper said the deal - which is awaiting final approval from the Federal Trade Commission - will find resonance and a broad, Online Services are innumerable, and companies engaged in the development of advanced tools to monitor people's behavior on the Internet, and use of personal information provided by the network.
The newspaper added that Facebook - which includes eight hundred million users - faced repeated complaints from users, that it is the policy of the use of data to reveal their information, without prior notice to do so.
The newspaper pointed out that the settlement stems from changes made to the privacy settings Active in December / December 2009 to make the squad and open user interface automatically, and include the picture and name, city, gender, and a list of friends. At the time, described the Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg changes as "a simple model for control of privacy."
The newspaper said that an official close to the negotiations said that the settlement does not require the explicit consent of users on all changes made to the site.
He added that the agreement prevents Facebook from viewing personal information to a wider audience than originally intended, without explicit consent from the user, but on the whole, the settlement does not specify how to access Facebook on the user's consent for new features.
The paper said that this settlement is part of a broader campaign for the U.S. government to make companies more responsible on the personal data it collects and stores and deals.
In the past year, the Federal Trade Commission to develop a special non-tracking, would facilitate the task of Internet users in protecting their work from outside intrusion.
Such an agreement that puts Facebook on an equal footing with the Google site, which was approved in March / March, a similar agreement with the Federal Trade Commission.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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