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Saif al-Islam and detect bad as Britain

Saif may keep secrets could embarrass many Western politicians (Reuters)

With the increasing likelihood that Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, on trial in Libya, started the British press to investigate what it called the Sunday Telegraph "roles shameful for academics and British politicians to make the sword of Islam" reliable, expressing the hope that it reveals the trial part of the corruption repugnant that characterizes the life the British daily.

In this context, the Sunday Times revealed that the company run by former British defense minister secretly donated $ 100 thousand pounds sterling to a charity affiliated to Saif al-Islam, son of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, in conjunction with the company listed on amulti-million pounds sterling.

Was detected for the donation through a secret investigation of the London School of Economics (LCI) two years ago, but has not been disclosed because of the potential political embarrassment.

Has submitted a Argus Scotland - which was a former MP for the Labour Party AdamIngram Director - This amount Foundation sword, which subsequently provided to theSchool of London within the donated one million and a half million pounds sterling by Saif al-Islam to the institution where he studied for a doctorate.
It is expected to see a scandal related to the Labour Party and the London School of Economics Libyan regime escalated this week when it publishes former Supreme Court Justice, Lord Woolf and the results of his investigations on the London School of dealing with this issue.
Not expected to reveal Wolf primary sources of the donation is controversial, as it did the Sunday Times.
The internal report by the London School gave the name of the three companies agreed to make voluntary contributions to the Gaddafi Foundation, The Sunday Times has learned that both of these companies have agreed to provide 100 thousand pounds sterling.
He said an expert on the Middle East, George Woolf cavity to the time that has happened is understood that the companies were "paid a bribe to Libya for decades."
And hired Argus Scotland, one of the three companies, Ingram in 2008 as a consultant to the affairs of the Libyan and paid him more than 40 thousand pounds a year, according to the report, the company specialized "in seeking business opportunities in Libya, especially in the military field."
Argus Scotland and agreed to donate to the Gaddafi International Foundation for Charity Associations in an attempt to get contracts. The gift is made in response to a petition from the Gaddafi adviser and executive director of the national economic strategy Libya Imran Boukrs.
In July 2009 - at a time close to the time of approval of the donation - announced the victory of Argus Group a contract worth several million pounds sterling from the Organization of Libya to the development of the construction of 10 universities, and such a huge deal for the fledgling company.
Apart from that the British company, the company Ambergalo - the largest construction company in Italy - and founder Yasser Ozkan of Turkey specialized in engineering and construction have provided donations to the Gaddafi Foundation.
But the Sunday Times quoted companies, Italian and Turkish denials last week that they have provided voluntary contributions to the institution in question.
Commenting on the case said the SundayTelegraph that more than anything disgustingabout this case is of corruption in the daily life of Britain, which presents itself as a take the way of moral ideal, and therefore allow itself tooffer praise for them and blame to thoseaccording to ethical standards.

And continue the newspaper says, "The factthat the elite in Britain has become a ridemanageable for all, whether AlmtnfdhunRussians or despotic Middle Eastern, and ifwhat happened sword for the prosecution, weall hope to shed light on his friends from the elite British, because you can bet on what will be disclosed investigations, such as Wolffwould not be significant.

Prior to imagine anyone that this is limited to the Labour Party, let us remember the political figure large Conservative Party, Charles Powell, president of Magna Holnngs which was responsible for building towers Gaddafi in Tripoli, which may change its name now, butthe question raised of the disadvantages in Britain, settles yet, according to the SundayTelegraph.

Source: British press

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