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Partnership between Toyota, BMW

Toyota trying hard to expand hybrid market its cars in Europe (European)

Looking for Toyota's Japanese partnership contract with BMW in the German production of environmentally friendly cars.
The Nikkei newspaper reported that according to the work of the partnership, the BMW will provide Toyota diesel engines, while cooperating with them in the latest technology, providing hybrid cars which use fuel and electricity.
The newspaper pointed out that the partnership is the second to Toyota in the field of technology with other foreign company after the agreement signed in August / August to develop the technology of hybrid cars with Ford of America.
She explained that according to the Nikkei partnership, the new BMW diesel engines will provide Toyota-class average of 2,000 cc for marketing in Europe.
The German company will benefit from the partnership in Japan to expand its production in Europe after the end of last year signed an agreement with Peugeot Citroen to develop hybrid automotive systems.
Toyota seeks to expand the difficulty of hybrid vehicles market in Europe, where diesel cars accounted for 60% of the market.
It is expected to increase demand for diesel cars as it allows the technology used to reduce harmful emissions.
With the rising yen, Toyota is seeking to improve their ability to compete abroad through the use of BMW engines.

Source: French

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