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Drink water and in front of you when you use your computer or mobile phone

Logo is raised must to protect ourselves from the dangers of electronic devices ...
Where A study conducted by his medical adviser to public health and preventive medicineto the Egyptian ministry of health that eating two liters of water a day helps to avoid the riskof injury from the electronic devices ...
And the study revealed that the use of electronic devices and Kalkmpiotr microwave andmobile phone and exposure for long periods cause in many cases the least of her employer's risk of mental stress and mental, as well as that issued by the radiation may affect the blood,
And lead to the length of time of exposure to Haely anemia and opacity of the eye andinfertility. And up to the extent of cancerous tumors ...

And the study warned that children and young people more susceptible to these risks, which could affect their development,
And advised not to Azidadd hours of exposure to the computer for two hours a day.

Source: Medical Consultation Online

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