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America is ready to accept the rule of Islamists

Clinton: the idea that Muslims can not work in a democracy the idea of ​​degrading and wrong (French)
U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Monday that the United States is willing to cooperate with the Islamists who won in the Tunisian elections, saying that "Islamists are not all equal."
She said in a speech to the Center for Democracy, said that "those responsible for the Renaissance Party to convince the secular parties to work with them," adding that "America will work with them too."
Clinton said that the Renaissance Party promised to respect religious freedom and the rights of women, noting that many of the Islamist parties in the world are engaged naturally in the game of democracy. "She explained that" the idea that Muslims can not flourish in a democracy it is the idea of ​​degrading and wrong. "
Clinton and listed the criteria that must be respected by each party respects democracy is the rejection of violence and adherence to the rule of law and respect for freedoms and respect for the rights of women, minorities, and accept the principle of electoral defeat and refused to stir religious tensions.
Support the Arab springThe minister emphasized that her country is the U.S. continues to support Arab spring in spite of "ambiguity" on the ongoing transition processes. She said "We recognize today that the real choice is between reform and unrest" and expressed its awareness of "doubt" the Arab peoples to America.
"Over the years, said tyrants to their people that they should accept them in order to avoidthe extremists. And often, we accept this logic, we are ourselves."

And repeated Hillary Clinton to say that the developments that took place from 2011makes the salt more to achieve peace between Israel and the Palestinians. She noted that the suspension of the peace efforts by the parties during the Arab spring is "shortsighted."

The French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe said on Monday that his country is ready to workand cooperate with the Party of Islamic Renaissance Movement of Tunisia, which has claimed about 40% of the seats in the National Constituent Assembly.

Source: Agencies

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