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Volcanic ash benefit scientists climate history

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Could help scientists in the volcanic ash tracking the historical changes of climate in the past through the study of solid particles in it.


The Swedish researcher said on Wednesday that although the ash confuse the movement of air travel, as happened when the revolution of volcanic Iceland and Chile, could help scientists in their studies on the historical climate change.

She Iowa researcher Linda from Stockholm University in the Ph.D. thesis focused on the North Atlantic that "studies on the historical climate changes in the past to study theglaciers or sediment, as it represents a record of changes in climatic conditions."


She said, however, that "the study of how the scattering of solid particles in the volcanic ash on the ground and the sea that can help scientists track climate change and its history", and he studied sediments and volcanic history researchers can developschedules and compare different data.


She noted that this method can be used in the study of rapid climate change that has occurred after the transition from the last ice ages, and even what is known as the Holocene era, a geological period dating back to between 13 thousand and 9 thousand years BC.

Source: German Press Agency

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