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Confirm the imprisonment of the former President of Israel

Israeli Supreme Court upheld an earlier prison Katsav seven years (French)
Israeli Supreme Court said Thursday that the former President of Israel Moshe Katsav raped his former assistant, molested two women two, and upheld the sentence, who was earlier this year sentenced to seven years.
She said the court - made up of three judges - in a Judgement unanimously rejected an appeal by Katsav, the former president "abused the high office which he held, and insulted the bodies and dignity of the owners claim," and ordered him to court to surrender to begin implementation of a prison sentence as of the seventh of December / December.
He served Katsav, 65, head of Israel in the period between 2000 and 2007 and was convicted in December / December of last year of raping a help to him twice while he was Minister the late nineties, was also convicted of harassment and sexual harassment of two had worked with him during his presidency of Israel.
A lawyer for the prosecution Naomi Jeranot after the verdict, "the Supreme Court decision reaffirms that everyone in Israel, both before the law."
Katsav has denied the charges against him repeatedly, but the court said that his version of events "can not be trusted to a great extent." The court in its ruling that Katsav "fell from the towering peaks of the abyss," she said "It's hard to see someone was a symbol of the state officially goes to prison."
The Israeli Parliament (Knesset), Katsav was elected president in 2000, achieving a surprise win over rival Shimon Peres winning the Nobel Peace Prize is the oldest men in the state of Israel, and behind Peres, Katsav then in office.
Despite the scandal that forced Katsav to step down in humiliation, the resignation did not have a significant impact on the work of the government because the presidency in Israel as a largely ceremonial.
And welcomed the President of the Labour Party Chile Yachimovich called as a witness by the prosecution of the court's decision, saying that "justice was served."
He criticized the lawyer Avigdor Feldman, Katsav told reporters after the trial, "the sentence of 11 years after the incident on the basis of dubious evidence."

Source: Agencies

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