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Government of Greece announces today the new

Papandreou failed to resolve the crisis of his government against the background of the problem of debt (Reuters)

Greece announced a deal to announce the formation of the Caretaker Government short-term afternoon Wednesday, in a move to defuse the debt crisis and pass a financial rescue plan.

A government source said that an agreement to form a coalition government in the shortterm will be announced following a meeting of party leaders. He will also meet Prime Minister George Papandreou also with the country's president on Wednesday morning.

The European leaders have exercised pressure on Greece to resolve the political stalemate and pass the financial bailout plan worth 130 billion euros. The violent demonstrations have swept across Greece to protest the economic crisis which plaguethe country.
Earlier yesterday, the public television network reported that the Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou and his opponent, Antonis Samaras, the Governor reached an agreement on the new president of the coalition government which pledged Sunday to form.

It appeared that the former deputy of the European Central Bank President LucasPapademos (64 years) is the leading candidate to head the government of national unityin the new Greece, will be its role in the conduct of affairs of the country until elections next year.

Also spoke Greek media for another candidate for prime minister is the representative of Greece Panagiotis Romeliotis the International Monetary Fund in Washington, andreported that he had left the U.S. capital to Athens.

The main task of the new government in the implementation of the European Union to saveGreece, which is worth 130 billion euros, and lead the country until new elections, which islikely to take place in February 19 next.

Analysts say that the new government will undertake the task of restoring confidence in the country, after it sank in a political crisis last week as it struggles to overcome its financial crisis.

Source: Agencies

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