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Describe the lessons of American Islam Baniv

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder (Reuters)

The Minister of Justice, U.S. Eric Holder expressed his displeasure about the courses offered to the staff of the Federal Police, which describes Islam as "a very violent religion" and is a qualified American Muslims to sympathize with "terrorism."

Holder emphasized that these lessons will never be a part of the education program, adding that American Muslims are "essential partners in addressing terrorism" and are trusted sources of information that allowed the achievement of a large number of successes, as he put it.

At a hearing in the Senate, said the U.S. official said that the courses offered would hit efforts may lead to negative consequences in communication with American Muslims.

The Holder is contained in his speech to the Democratic Senator Dick Durban, who pointed out that the documents of the Federal Police recently published show that the agency launched a campaign of widespread surveillance targeting mosques and Muslim American is accused of any misdemeanor.

The Wired Magazine revealed in September / September last for the existence of such lessons introduced by an expert in the fight against "terrorism" and called William Gautrob which is that Islam itself is not dangerous and al-Qaeda.

The Minister of Justice announced that Gautrob is no longer an employee of the Federal Police.

Source: French

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