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Russian warships headed to the Mediterranean

Chabanenko barge fleet will be heading to the Mediterranean Sea (French - Archive)
Defence Ministry said the Russian aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov" carrying on board fighter "Sukhoi" and "Meg," I went, accompanied by a barge, "Admiral Chabanenko" to the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Syria to conduct naval exercises, pointing out that the ship will enter the Syrian port of Tartus.
The head of the Russian General Staff, General Nikolai Macairov that sending the aircraft carrier belonging to the fleet of Arctic sea type of programmed training regularly, pointing out that Russia does not send a ship directly to Syria.
The agency quoted Russia's Interfax news to a military source as saying that the journey will take two months, and that includes a visit to the port of Tartus.
Training missionThe source denied the existence of any connection between the direction of Russian warships to the Mediterranean by events taking place in Syria.
A spokesman for the Russian navy said the ships will enter the Russian ports of Tartous, Syria and Beirut, the Lebanese and Genoa, Italy, in addition to a Cypriot port, explaining that the trip aimed at "training".
The source pointed out that it was planning a trip last year before they break out the current events in Syria, "as there is no reason to cancel or postpone."
Called the Department of Defense flight Baltdrebeh expected, indicating that the aircraft carrier and accompanying ships will be among other tests on the aircraft had been manufactured under an agreement with India.
He noted that the aim of entering the port of Tartus is the supply of fuel and water and food.
The Western media that the main task of the Russian warships to be sent to the Mediterranean is to help the Coast Guard to prevent the Syrian and foreign military intervention in the country.
The Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Moscow rejects ban on arms exports to Syria.

Source: DBA

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