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"Twilight" tops the American Film

Fans flock to the heroes of the film to gather signatures and take pictures with them (European)
Keep Part IV of the film series "Twilight," the U.S., which is entitled "The Twilight Saga: Brikeng without," to lead the box office in North America for the second week.
The film is directed by Billy Condon - who will also output the last part of which will be released in November 2012 - $ 42 million in the holiday Sunday and 62 million in the holiday "Thanksgiving Holiday" which lasted five days.
And this result enabled him to progress on the film "The Mabits" the new figures based on the puppets for Jim Henson. This film has won $ 29.5 million through Sunday and holidays 42 million since its release last Wednesday.
Came in third animated film "Happy Feet back to" domestic animals on the dancer inclusive week at the end of $ 13.4 million. Ranked fourth, followed by the movie "Arthur Krisms" 12.7 million.
In the fifth solution to the film "Hugo", directed by Martin Scorsese, whose revenues amounted to 11.31 million dollars. And came in sixth place comedy "Jack & Jill", who plays the roles of Adam Sandler are the head of the family and his twin sister, collecting $ 10.3 million.
The movie "Emortalz" epic which is set in ancient Greece to seventh place, achieving $ 8.8 million. And was ranked eighth animated film "Boss in. Potts" production studio "Dereymourks" and collecting 7.45 million dollars.
The movie "Tawir Haste" comedy starring Eddie Murphy and Ben Stylr to rank ninth inclusive of $ 7.32 million. In tenth place was the movie "The Dessandnts" starring George Clooney, who plays the role of head of household. The film $ 7.2 million.

Source: French

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