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Rights Watch has accused Syria of war crimes

Organization accused the Syrian regime for crimes against humanity in Homs
Accused Human Rights Watch, human rights - in a report released on Friday - the Syrian regime of committing "crimes against humanity" in Homs. She explained that the government forces exercised "massive violations" include acts of torture and unlawful killings.
The organization called - for the defense of human rights, based in New York - the Arab League at its meeting expected in Cairo on Saturday to freeze the membership of Syria, and request the Security Council to impose an arms embargo and sanctions on individuals responsible for "violations", and refer Syria to the Criminal Court International.
She said the organization - in a statement the report - that "the systematic nature of abuses against civilians in Homs by the Syrian government forces - including the crimes of torture and extrajudicial killings - constitute crimes against humanity."
The Organization said that the Syrian security forces killed at least 104 in Homs since the second of November, when the Syrian government approved a plan developed by the Arab League to end the violence and start a dialogue with opponents of President Bashar al-Assad.
The organization said that these killings came after the killing of at least 587 civilians in the Homs between the months of April / April and August / August, the largest number of death toll in any province of Syria.
The Executive Director of the Middle East and North Africa in the organization Sarah Leah Whitson, "The Homs scale model D over the cruelty of the Syrian government. And the Arab League to tell President al-Assad that the breach of the agreement with the University has consequences, and that the university supports the Now move the Security Council to stop murder. "
The organization described the access to accurate information that the task of "challenging", and was based on the FAO report on interviews with 114 residents of Homs who either fled to neighboring countries or talked over the Internet from within Syria.

WHO said it had documented 17 deaths in custody in Homs, including 12 due to torture

Systematic torture
Said Human Rights Watch that security forces "routinely used heavy machine guns, including anti-aircraft guns are placed on armored vehicles to fire on neighborhoods to terrorize people."

The organization said that thousands of Homs in Syria and the rest are subjected toarbitrary arrests, enforced disappearance, systematic torture during detention. And most of the detainees were released after several weeks, but several hundred are still missing.

The organization said it had documented 17 deaths in custody in Homs, including 12 at least clear that they died because of torture. Adding that she spoke with 25 former detainees in Homs, they all said they had been subjected to various forms of torture.

The report quoted one man was detained at the base of a military intelligence in Homs as saying that he was beaten with cables and suspended from his hands.

"I leave it hanging there for almost six hours, they hit me and poured water over me, then use lightning electricity."

Source: Agencies

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