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Some of the property outside the Gaddafi of Libya

Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's wealth - a wealth Muammar Gaddafi - a wealth MuammarGaddafi and his family - a wealth of Libyan leader

Wealth of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi - a wealth Muammar Gaddafi - a wealth MuammarGaddafi and his family - a wealth of Libyan leader - the size of wealth Muammar Gaddafi -a wealth Mu'tasim - The Wealth of Saif al-Islam - a wealth Aisha Gaddafi - a wealth of Gaddafi's sons - a wealth Gaddafi abroad - a wealth Gaddafi - Villa Saif al-Islam inLondon - Gaddafi and his family's property - property Gaddafi abroad - property MuammarGaddafi and his family - Muammar Gaddafi's property outside of Libya - MuammarGaddafi's property and his sons

The size of the existing wealth now as Gaddafi and his eight children in the 5 continents
Gaddafi billion .. From the clinic to the banks, hotels, real estate and factories in 5 continents

Every Libyan lost with Colonel eighth luxury apartments
ثروة العقيد معمر القذافي ثروة
Villa Saif al-Islam in London and $ 16 million

Alone knows the unseen world, the size of the existing wealth now as Gaddafi and his eight children in the 5 continents, and venturing to know to read the reports of a variety of sources, which are the dozens, Vsiab and eventually discover that meditation is the best in the house of the false attribution of pre-Islamic poet Iboumaawih Fazari says:

If you do not know ... That calamity If you know the greatest Valmuseibh

Estimates are reasonable and the most accurate indicates that the Colonel, who was acting and his family in the production of Libya's national security and as if from its own properties, controls and owns with his children between 40 and 50 billion dollars, in addition to being dispelled weakness almost on its own affairs since plagued Libya receipt rule 42 years ago, The best evidence is what is eaten by "Green Book" alone of the expenses since issued in 1975, where they value more than $ 11 billion.

It combines the benefits of and the proceeds of the rate of stolen and what was squandered, of 135 billion, could reach him account for more than $ 300 billion lost to the Libyans could have been attached to what they have currently precautions gold and hard currency, the amount may be 5 times if the adoption of the accounts by member of the International Criminal Court in The Hague Libyan lawyer Hadi Shalluf, it was stated that half of the proceeds of Libya of oil over 42 years ago, a $ 3 trillion, "he went to the Treasury Gaddafi and his sons," he said.

Shalluf revealed that the Colonel he had a special account called "Account Almjunb" any who put the oil revenues aside. Also commented on what the reports estimated the wealth Alqmafah dropped by 82 billion pounds, said: "The real figure is much more than that, considering that this figure was mentioned at the beginning of the nineties", as provided for in the newspaper "News" the number of Lebanese February 24 last .
Every Libyan with Gaddafi lost 270 thousand dollars

ثروة العقيد معمر القذافي ثروة
Building shop \ "Vannak \" King of the famous Gaddafi in Paris
In short, all the people out of 5 million Libyans alive now, he lost because of what Bddh Gaddafi and spread to his hands and the hands of family members of the country, ranked as the second oil producer in Africa after Nigeria, more than 270 thousand dollars as rough for less calculations with the inclusion of the benefits and revenue stolen from goods, which amounted to luxury apartments in Tripoli today.
On behalf of the Gaddafi is a property large was paid as rent monthly over a million dollars paid by one of the largest stores in Paris, a "Vannak" famous, and has $ 30 billion frozen in the United States now, "and the property of dozens in Europe and Africa," according to what was said a week ago, Victor Mukras, a former expert on money laundering was based on United Nations reports, and worked as a consultant to the United States on the subject.
And that what is said about wealth Gaddafi, which he described as a rare and there is a copy of it in the world of camouflage financial and money balances, most of them has knowledge and frozen under United Nations resolutions, but the rest of you said is the problem "and find it most difficult thing to be," said .
It is believed Mukras that Gaddafi's financial assets and real estate names of persons who are not his sons, just as did the Nigerian dictator the late Sani Abacha, when deposited more than $ 800 million in Swiss banks on behalf of the Lebanese businessman "c. U" and confiscated later, a story of a famous Tales of money laundering at an international level.
Also, the children of Colonel late neighborhoods now properties and assets in Europe and the United States, especially for Saif al-Islam, described the owner of the longest hand between the sons of Libyan leader late, it has extended to most of the goods until they reached the oil sector Libya itself, through a company owned as "one group - nine "after the Al-Fateh Revolution of September / September, and across flocks of hundreds of millions of dollars, according to a U.S. diplomatic cables, dating from 2006 and entitled" Al Muammar Gaddafi, "a part of the flock" Wikileaks "famous.
They incorporate their investments in the state investment
ثروة العقيد معمر القذافي ثروة
Aisha Gaddafi
In a report to the newspaper "Financial Times", referring to investment by Saif al-Islam in 2009 and a $ 21 million and 900 thousand dollars in the hotel complex the city of "L'Aquila" of Italy, which saw a devastating earthquake two years ago, and activists against corruption, "demanded the financial authorities of foreign investigate the wealthGaddafi family, which also oversaw the huge investments abroad and controlled in the private sector in Libya, "according to the signal.
We find in the telegram "Wikileaks," also that Aisha Gaddafi links and document the energy and construction, along with financial interests in the "Clinic of St. James" medical in Tripoli, while the "specialty" brother-brother, Mohammed, and a refugee with her in Algeria since last month, in the the date of the Committee of Post and Telecommunications, which was headed and "gives him considerable influence in the field of telephony and Internet services," according to the expression contained in the telegram.
The Saadi, the fugitive in the Niger is, was shown to the Libyans character of a professional footballer before and is busy with his team's game with the Libyan Olympic Committee and his military career and accessories, but he was busy behind the scenes, and more than 5 years, is planning to build a new city in the west Libyan as a tourist is the largest in North Africa, according to the cable as well.
The Gaddafi family hides behind the Libyan Investment Authority since its inception in 2006 through the integration of its investments for including investment by the outside, appreciating that the investments of more than $ 60 billion, or almost up to 3 times the budget Libyan amount this year, 22 billion and $ 400 million, was merger does not allow any one to know who is the investment, only the sons of Colonel himself, and most private investment in banks, newspapers, and sport clubs and car factories, hotels and real estate in the 5 continents.
Of the oil companies to the football

Building of Colonel \ "Portman House, \" in London
But the rope crime short, there is a pointer called a specialist in Middle East politics at the University of Exeter, Tim Niblock, the name of a "gap," said she always existed between what was achieved by Libya's oil revenues and government spending, estimated the "gap" tens of billions of dollars, "a contributed to the accumulation of wealth Gaddafi and his family, "according to Ward in the U.S. diplomatic cable, which also included that the Gaddafi family Holding company in Britain called LFICO and move financial assets of more than $ 500 million.
The most important investments Alqmafah known abroad are located in Italy, where the contribution in the banking sector the Italian up to 7.5%, which believe that $ 60 billion owned by the Colonel and his family, along with 3.01% of the shares of "Pearson" the owner of the newspaper "Financial Times" famous, with a 2.6 % in the "death" of the car, and then 7.5% in the club, "Juventus" famous for football, and 15% of the company "Tamoil" also in oil and insurance companies, communications and popular clothing companies.
The family also property and investment size is unknown in Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, South Africa and some countries in the European Union and the United States, Turkey, Australia and Venezuela, including the villa worth more than $ 16 million bought by Saif al-Islam in his name two years ago in London, where Libya's 19 billion has been frozen.
The Colonel Vbasmh complex dripped saliva of more than 50 thousand British bringing him a day, "Portman House" commercial famous in the heart of the Street "Oxford Street" next to the park, "Hyde Park", which is based on an area of ​​43 thousand square meters, and appreciate its value more than $ 280 million .
And Qmavien land since 1995 in the "Costa del Sol" in the southern coast of Spain, where the province Andalucia, an area of ​​17 thousand and 450 acres, a large to a degree carried the Libyan Foreign Bank that is a project a year ago to exploit them to build the 5 pitches a huge golf course with 2,000 apartments for housing, not for the revolution Tdarkih on the system before 9 months and disrupted by his intentions.
Ghosts disappear with money stolen
ثروة العقيد معمر القذافي ثروة
Thondr Rock, New Jersey real estate Colonel Afkham
There is also a so-called "real estate Afkham" in the United States, "Thondr Rock" famousin the area of ​​Englewood, New Jersey, in addition to hotels in Bulgaria, agricultural land in Kenya, and other much thought was disguised names of others, and held the howitzerblood to be recognized yesterday that his cousin, the late "secret accounts abroad," according to what he said for the "Arab" yesterday.

We do not know what is owned by the Son East of Gaddafi, a Hannibal refugee currently inAlgeria also, but to the wife of "Playboy Libya" as they call it, a supermodel-Lebanon the previous Elaine Skaff, a huge villa in Adma, distant 20 km north of Beirut, and certainlyvalue is high. As is known the names of the registered deaths of his sons: Mu'tasim, Thursday, Seif al-Arab, from the property and assets abroad as well.

Each date of Libya, which earned last year alone, $ 45 billion to produce 2.0006 millionbarrels daily of the best types of oil in the world, was lost through the years, the integration of fuzzy between the investment official of the state abroad and was Alqmafen they investon their own names and the names of the ghosts was more than joy for the death Coloneland the fall of his regime, the ghost disappeared, killed him with money stolen since last Thursday.

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