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The world's largest crocodile in the Philippines

Australian expert Bretton measures the length of the alligator, which was 6.43 meters and weighs a full ton (French)

Found the largest crocodile in the world two months ago in a swamp in southernPhilippines, a length of 6.43 meters and weighs a full ton.

The Adam Bretton Australian expert in the field of animal Wednesday that the crocodile, which is currently in a natural park in the town of Bonayan province of Agusan del Sur "iswithout doubt the largest crocodile in captivity."

Bretton involved with a team of National Geographic Channel to produce a documentary film about the alligator, which he called "to Wolong."

The Guinness Book of Records had been commissioned in 2008 Bretton measuring thelength of the last crocodile found in Australia, and a length of 5.48 meters, which now holdsthe title of largest crocodile in captivity in the world.

The mayor of the town pink religions Bonayan took wildlife officials and local crocodilehunters 24 days to capture the Wolong who were allegedly killed and ate water buffalo andfishermen and a girl aged 12 years.

Source: German

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