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Israeli army more than the number of troops

Israeli patrol near the border with Egypt (French - Archive)

Israel tends to increase the troop strength of regular and reserve army in the border areas and the West Bank, starting next year through the recruitment part of the reserve forces are exceptional.

The Haaretz newspaper reported on Friday that the IDF will increase the number of troops in the border areas and the West Bank by 20%, and to this end, the Army will require 10% of the reserve forces of the military service exceptional, exceeding the limits prescribed by Reserve Act.

This text overtaking Reserve Act requires special approval from the Foreign Affairs and Security Committee of the Knesset, and that the General Staff and the Committee on Foreign and Security - According to Haaretz - are engaged in the deliberations of the last period of the call for the ratification of the reserve.
Reasons for the increaseThe plan explains the Israeli army, to changes at the borders of Israel and especially the situation at the border with Egypt, and that during recent months intensified armed activities on the Egyptian side of the border.
The peak of the attack by gunmen in August / last August that killed eight Israeli soldiers and five Egyptians, the Israeli army fire, causing a crisis between the two countries.

According to the Israeli army, the armed activities in the Sinai stems from the chaos prevail Sinai, and the inability of the Egyptian authorities to control the situation.

Haaretz said that the Israeli army recently reduced its forces in the West Bank after increasing them significantly in the past months claiming fear of an escalation of security and organizing demonstrations in conjunction with the Palestinian approach to the United Nations for full membership.

The newspaper added that the General Staff of the Israeli army is now braced the probability of escalation of security in the West Bank next year, so it forces will be transferred again to the West and the border with the Gaza Strip.

Source: UPI

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