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Decline in the funding threatens to fight the "AIDS"

World Health Organization said the aid groupsWednesday that the global campaign to combat the epidemic of HIV (AIDS) is threatened due to declining funding.

The official said that the UN World Day to Combat AIDS Day which falls on the first Thursday of December / December of thiscomes under the global economic crisis, calling on states to meet their funding commitments.

The Executive Director Michel Kazatchkine of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS
- Based in Geneva - that last year's estimate offinancing needs was referring to the need to provide between 13 and 20 billion dollars per year until 2015.

He added that he was getting $ 11.5 billion, with withdrawals that have occurred in recent weeks has left only $ 9.5 billion.

He warned Kazatchkine the possibility of not being able to reach the ambitious goals thatset the world of 2015 as the date for achieving them, noting in this regard to the objective ofreduction in the rates of HIV transmission from mother to child, especially with the registration of 350 thousand babies in Africa born this yearwith the disease.

Source: Agencies

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