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Men the victims of the Internet more than women

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A survey conducted on more than 1,600 Internet users in the United States and Britain that men are victims of deception more easily than women on social networking.

The company conducted the survey "house Devind" t concerned with electronic anti-virus,and showed the results published by the Daily Mail newspaper that 64.2% of womenalways refuse requests for friendship on sites such as Facebook compared to 55.4% of men.

The study showed that men tend to accept friend requests from scantily clad women orstimuli every sense of the possible applications of the presence of viruses, while women are more cautious in this regard.

The study revealed that men are more likely to accept friend requests from strangers, and disclosure of their sites, and ignore the standards of privacy, and leave their accountsopen to all, and not to read the privacy policies of the site.

The figures showed that a quarter of men to allow strangers to see their accounts, search,compared with 16% of women.

He said 25.6% of the men they reveal their positions compared to 21.8% of women. It is interesting that the survey showed that American men are more inclined to take risks on the Internet than their counterparts in Britain.

Source: UPI

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