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Doubts the benefits of reducing salt

An analysis of the results of 160 medical scientific study that reducing salt in the diet mayadversely affect the health of the heart, and may not have a positive impact on the health of all people.

The researchers noted in the American Journal of Hypertension, and periodic "Cochranefor Eiberara" to the importance of re-evaluating policies that advises people to reduce saltin food in general, according to the results shown by their review of previous studiessystematically.

In turn, said the commander of the audit team Nielz Groudal University Hospital,Copenhagen, Denmark, said he saw no reason to believe that there is any benefit to limit the consumption of the people of sodium, according to the totality of the evidence which had been reached.

Where The results of the audit, which examined and analyzed 167 previous study, thatalthough the reduction of salt in the diet reduced blood pressure in some cases that have arate of a normal or high blood pressure, the reduction itself may cause increases in certainhormones and compounds that can adversely affect the health of the heart.

It is known that reducing salt in the diet reduces blood pressure but there was no researchso far that it leads to a general improvement in cardiovascular health between people on a larger scale.

Source: Reuters

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