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Israel is harassing the opponents of the occupation

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Israeli government tends to restrict human rights organizations and leftist movements of Israeli anti-occupation, to revive the former two bills aimed at curbing the activities of these organizations and prevent them from collecting donations at home and received fromabroad.


And Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's full support to enact laws limiting the activities of human rights organizations and movements of the left against the Israelioccupation and prevent it from raising funds to cover expenses.
And will examine the inter-ministerial committee specialized conversion of these proposed projects to the Knesset (parliament) next week.


In order to avoid criticism
The two bills have froze last June in order to avoid exposure to international criticism of Israel by the Palestine attempt to obtain recognition of a Palestinian state in the UnitedNations in September / September.


The Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported Tuesday that the Legislative Committee of Ministers will vote on Sunday on the two draft laws which aim to impede the human rights organizations in Israel and the limit of their ability to receive donations from abroad.


The newspaper reported that the draft proposed laws seek to inflict economic damagehuman rights groups that have been transferred information to the UN Commissionheaded by Justice Richard Goldstone, which completed a report on Operation Cast Leadthe IDF on the Gaza Strip, which left more than 1,300 martyrs.


Under the laws not to allow the Israeli political organizations, non-profits receive donationsexceed 5.400 dollars offered by foreign governments and international organizations such as the United Nations and the European Union.

Source: Agencies

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