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American voter cares Bmatkd President

Two-thirds of Americans believe it is important to have a presidential candidate strong religious convictions (Reuters - Archive)
An opinion poll conducted by the Institute for Public Research religious and published today that two thirds of Americans believe it is important to have a presidential candidate strong religious convictions, even if they differ from their beliefs.
The poll showed that only one in five Americans would object to a candidate's beliefs are different.
When asked respondents about particular religious beliefs and the presidency, 29% answered that they would not be comfortable with the presence of evangelical Christian in the chair.
While 53% said they would not relax for a Mormon in office, 64% indicated that they would not be comfortable with a Muslim president, while over 67% for lack of satisfaction with the presence of President of the atheist.
Mitt Romney has nominated former Massachusetts governor, John Huntsman, former governor of Utah - two Murmonyan - themselves for the presidency, while the rest of the Republican candidates understand the Christians adopt some strong beliefs.
And make Romney and businessman Herman Cain - a Baptist minister - the polls for a national Republican candidates.
Jobs and the economyThe survey also showed that eight out of ten Americans believe that job creation is the most important priorities of the country, while six out of ten said that reducing the budget deficit the government is vital. The survey highlighted the uncertainty about the majority of the solutions proposed by Washington.

He said 44% of those surveyed said that the Democratic President Barack Obama hasgood ideas on how to provide jobs compared with 35% supported the way Republican leaders in Congress.

Showed that Obama's views on the 28% "satisfied" and 5% "excited" to his presidency, while 26% feel they are "worried" and 10% "while angry generated in one of three almost"disappointment "in his presidency.

In another item in the survey of the "occupied the Wall Street", it was agreed six of every ten Americans that the country would be better if the same was more just distribution of wealth, while 39% disagreed with this opinion.

And won the suggestions to increase taxes on Americans who have income above one million dollars to support 70% of Americans, compared with 27% opposed it.

The poll of alpha and 505 adults during the period between September 22 / Septemberand the second from October / November and the margin of error is 2.5 percentage points.

Source: Reuters

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