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Radio-water markets now

Radio work begins with the start of the water in the flow (Daily Telegraph)

Succeeded the man who helped make the radio derived its power from the muscle powerof man that attracts large numbers during the nineties of the last century, the invention of the radio gets its operational capacity of the water flowing through a tube showeringinstead of batteries or the electric grid.

To activate the radio should be installed by the tube being water from bottom to top(shower) and by a small turbine technology available in this radio, allowing the pressure ofrunning water through the tube to generate the power required to run this radio.

Say, a spokesman for the tango, the manufacturer of this radio, "he is working cardgenerated by the flow of water is not, and starts working with the water start to flow."

Tango and hopes to deliver this new device, which is not affected by the same wetcommercial success experienced by the radio working muscle of man power in the nineties of the last century.

Says Executive Director Vivian Black Tango The invention of small turbine technology,subject to the patent, is the most important part of this achievement, which is alreadyenabled the construction of the first radio powered by electricity generated by the flow ofbath water.

Source: The Daily Telegraph

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