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Israel detains Iranian TV correspondent

The Committee to Protect Journalists is concerned at the continued detention of journalist Hassan Ghani TV correspondent, "Press TV" Iran by Israel.

The coordinator of the Committee's program in the Middle East and North Africa, Mohamed Abdel Dayem, "said Hassan Ghani was in connection with the performance of professional duty, and on Israel to release him unconditionally."

The Israeli soldiers were on Friday to ship humanitarian aid were heading to the Gaza Strip, and climbed on board and arrested a Ghanaian and four others, Ayman al-Zubayr Al-Jazeera, and Casey Kauffman of Al Jazeera English, and Lina Atallah releases of "The Egyptian Today" (the English version ), in addition to Jihan Hafiz of "Democracy Now."

Israeli forces have seized some equipment four journalists and video clips, before releasing them and deport them all, except the Ghanaian - a Briton of Pakistani origin - which is still under arrest accompanied by a large number of those who were on board the vessels.

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported that the journalist Hassan Ghani refused to sign a statement written in Hebrew says that he entered Israel illegally, and emphasized that in turn brought forcibly to Israel.

The channel said, "Press TV" in English-speaking Israeli authorities refused to divulge the place of detention correspondent. Also spoke to Lina Atallah for separation from the rest of Ghanaian prisoners who were with him, and attributed it to a vehicle belonging to the Iranian media, as well as his participation earlier in the Marmara Turkish ship.

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