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Saif al-Islam Gaddafi rat hero among his peers

Alehtmona claimed that Saif al-Islam and his group were planning to be executed after their arrival to their destination (Reuters)
Become a desert guide who handed Seif al-Islam Gaddafi, the Libyan militia to serve as a hero in the eyes of its citizens, so after the sacrificing of one million euros which will be rewarded to smuggle Libyan late son of Colonel.

The evidence in favor of Joseph Alahtmana Brguen from the town in the far-Saharan Africa had offered him a reward for the smuggling of Saif al-Islam and four of his companions to the Libyan border with Niger and Algeria.

The officers are said to Saif al-Islam told him that there are waiting to drive him after his arrival to his destination and moves it to his exile "to come back later and trying to lead his country again."

The Alahtmana Telegraph newspaper: "I thank God that enabled me to conquer this enemy. Has given millions, but all of their money is not worth a single stone of our Sahara and one drop of blood of our martyrs."

Seif al-Islam was arrested by the secret fighters Alzentan consists of 14 elements, and took him to a secret prison in their town, and the opinion of the newspaper that the arrest of Gaddafi went from a star Alzentan manifested by naming the commander of fighters Osama Aljowaily and defense minister in the Libyan government's new.

Aljowaily but denied that his appointment as defense minister was arrested on a price for the Saif al-Islam and said, "would give me the office for this reason only considered a kind of appeasement. Alzentan will not benefit anything from winning the defense portfolio."
The Aljowaily the newspaper that officials from the Red Cross visited Saif al-Islam in the detention camp last night. A spokesman for the Red Cross has confirmed that the meeting had been held without the presence of guards, and Saif al-Islam appeared in good health.

Initially Alzentan Brigades said it would not announce the identity of the directory in order to preserve its integrity, but Alehtmona said he had already received death threats from supporters of al-Gaddafi, and that he no longer cares what happens to him after he achieved what he wanted.

He added that he joined the fighters Alehtmona anti-Gaddafi at the beginning of the revolution, but it was transmitted at a later time to covert action, which led him to interview the men said they wanted to arrange an escape character did not call it great.

The details of the ambush has been completed on Friday, and at that stage could not have told Alehtmona personal identity of the high-level Sérabha, but he had a good idea about.

The Alehtmona "did not know that I know of it. No one told me, but I thought carefully and concluded that Saif al-Islam."

The car they drove off, one led by Amr Abdel nephew Omar Jassim Abdullah Sanusi right hand of the late Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, and the second car where the sword of Islam and the two others.

He said that Amr Alehtmona brought with him two pistols and hand grenades, and that he "was planning to Aaadama arrival at the border."

The broadcast yesterday a new recording to catch the sword of Islam and appears in the registry, he warned his captors that they recognize the rule of Libya for the Islamists and said, "only waited two months or a year up to a maximum and you will see the truth. I should not forget that Saif al-Islam precautions of all, when Okhztamoh captive" .

Source: The Daily Telegraph

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