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Wikileaks receives new award

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Received site Wikileaks Prize journalist in Australia reward for his struggle for "freedom of expression and transparency," The award comes after winning a prize and Chaeli "for the best journalistic contribution" for the year 2011.

The jury composed of journalists and photographers during the announcement of the results on Sunday showed that the insiders brave commitment sparked controversy about the most important traditions of journalism, namely "justice through transparency."

The Commission added that the site Wikileaks, founded by Australian Julian Assange raised the indignation of the United States to publish hundreds of thousands of American diplomatic cables, open the "heated debate within the media and also outside it, on the state secrets and the right of public access and the future of journalism."

In the pre-recorded video message broadcast on "SBS" Australian television before Assange award but he accused the Australian government to abandon it under pressure from Washington, calling the Prime Minister of Australia Julia Gillard as "cowardly."

He will continue as long as the Internet is free to defend himself and express his opinion and publish his ideas armed with the truth only.

The senior officials in the press supported the Australian Assange end of the year 2010 when the Australian government described - a key ally of Washington - and insiders as "illegal" and hinted to the possibility of cancellation of a passport Assange.

And Assange subject currently in house arrest in Britain pending the decision of the judiciary about the possibility of extradition to Sweden, where the accused Soidetan Bargamanma a sexual relationship with him in August / August 2010, which denies Assange, considering it "an American political intrigue."

Source: French

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