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Realities of the last hours of Gaddafi .. Monitoring Americans

Image via Wikipedia

Home News - were not to visit Hillary Clinton's recent and sudden Libya's coincidence, but came in the context of follow-up to catch the Gaddafi after it has been monitoring communications between Gaddafi and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad revealed Gaddafi during his intention to escape from the Sirte and head to the Valley of sweeping and him to Niger.
According to Libyan sources relevant to a group of leaders in the Libyan revolution map of the area studied, and predicted his escape from the desert a specific corridor has been noted immediately deploy formations hidden in it.
When he was addressing the convoy returned to Gaddafi's Eastern Front and one of the NATO aircraft bombed a car loaded with ammunition, forcing Gaddafi and those with him to get out and escape from the car he was with women and children, taking them as human shields, according to sources.
Gaddafi has led track and some of them with him to found hiding inside a sewage pipe.
One of the rebels and that his family was raped insisted on Gaddafi to take off all his clothes and naked pictures despite Gaddafi protest and begged him, saying: 'haram Old Tamloh me.'
The last strike Gaddafi on his head with a rifle, causing him numerous wounds.
After his capture was a discussion among the players rebel captors, and each of them wants to take Gaddafi to his city, and when he realized the leaders of formations that will cause problems and differences in the revolution indispensable decided to kill him. He has three of the gunmen opened fire, killing him instantly.
The Mu'tasim son of Gaddafi, has been captured by Gaddafi's days were taken to a safe place until he handed over to justice and be tried for war crimes, but the sources Libyan say he was executed by a sniper unknown, suspected rebels that he went to the U.S. intelligence because Mu'tasim had the information and facts the task of the United States does not want to show to the world or that the Mu'tasim use to negotiate.
For Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, has been injured but managed to escape and took refuge in a mysterious way to protect the fighters from the Justice and Equality Movement in Sudan, led by Khalil Ibrahim.
Khalil Ibrahim was decided earlier to send a large force of his movement (estimated at 20 thousand fighters) to Tripoli, but if the arrival of this army to the Libyan capital, the Sirte was directed to return for substantial financial inducements.

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