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Progress in the treatment of Alzheimer's

Canadian researchers discovered that it is possible heart damage caused by Alzheimer's disease through the use of technology to electrical stimulation deep.

And the relocation of "New Scientist" British AndrĂ©s Hospital in Toronto Uro saying that "Alzheimer's disease causes shrinking brain, especially the hippocampus."

He noted that he and his team resorted to deep brain stimulation by sending electrical impulses to the brain, only to discover that this could turn the damage of Alzheimer's.

The researchers had arrived electricity brains of six patients diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, least of one year ago. Uro said that after 12 months of stimulation showed that the volume of the hippocampus increased by 5% at one of the patients and 8% for another patient.

He added that this is the first time shows that the stimulus increases the size of one of theareas of the brain in humans.

Source: UPI

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